Missina Horseboxes proudly introduce - The LoRanger

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Missina Horseboxes

The LoRanger is the most stylish way to safely transport your horse or pony and can be used in all equestrian spheres from showing to show jumping, from polo to eventing or just for running the animal up to the vet when you don't want to take your big lorry.  It’s a wonderful horsebox for the young competitor setting out on their own to shows and events on their own for the first time and for anyone not comfortable either towing a trailer or driving a large wagon.

The LoRanger drives like a car and the entire fit out of the vehicle is removable for easy cleaning and the floor is tubbed out for power washing.  The livery is fully customisable, the breaching bars collapse and the personnel door is wide enough to get a horse through, should the unthinkable happen and your animal makes a bid for freedom!

It really is a fabulous little lorry and is available in a range of price brackets, from the new body on a new base vehicle, new body on a used based vehicle or our LCV conversion or even long term hire; and as members of the FSA we can help with both business and personal horsebox finance.